Implementing cost-effective change based on evidence is the key challenge for health systems around the world. This conference brings together evidence creators and evidence users to define the processes for implementing best clinical practice and forging efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Evidence 2010 aims to be the leading evidence-based healthcare event at the forefront of EBM debate and innovation. The conference is a collaboration between the BMJ Group and the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, University of Oxford (CEBM).

The aims of the conference are to:

  • Improve evidence-based decision making and provide practical, evidence-based ideas that can be implemented in practice
  • Foster effective innovation
  • Guide efficient commissioning
  • Provide education and training to improve evidence-based healthcare.


Through three conference streams, the programme will strengthen links and collaboration across between the various groups in the healthcare chain, and provide a forum for delegates to develop a more integrated approach to the development of evidence-based healthcare.

The programme will address the challenge for policymakers and healthcare professionals to penetrate, understand and respond to the burgeoning evidence-base on healthcare interventions. It will also guide clinicians to act in the individual patients’ best interests and ensure that decisions reflect value.

The conference will explore ways that developers of EBM resources, such as systematic reviews and clinical knowledge databases, and EBM trainers and methodologists can better meet the needs of the clinicians, managers and policy makers responsible for putting evidence into practice.

Conference Streams


a) Making evidence usable, understandable and relevant
b) Best platforms for the delivery of evidence
c) Tools to enable translation of evidence into practice


a) Involving patients and public in the process of practice change
b) Communication tools to enable practice change
c) Care providers as stakeholders in changing practice
d) Using incentives to drive changes in practice


a) Investment and disinvestment in healthcare using evidence
b) Commissioning healthcare services using evidence
c) Innovation in technology and process of care
d) Change management in complex organisations and industry
e) Evaluating the effect of evidence-based change

Venue & travel information

Call for Papers open


Evidence 2010 will bring together international experts from the areas of education, EBM resource development, implementation, health economics and commissioning. This 2 day conference will be aimed at:

  • Commissioners of evidence-based services
  • Those involved in assessing the cost effectiveness of clinical interventions and services
  • Developers of evidence-based resources
  • Teachers and methodologists
  • Those involved in implementation of evidence including front-line healthcare professionals

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